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Service Information & Prices

General Information

If you have any CDs or other disks, and information that came with the computer, please have these available for an engineer visit.

If you have details of the make & model of the computer or device, please provide these.

If your computer, modem, router, etc is password protected, please note you will need to provide the password, or login yourself for the engineer.

This of course does not apply for password recovery / reset services!

Computer Fail!

Computer problems? Call or email with a description of the problem to find out general cost for repairing it.

Don't worry if you don't know what happened, it just helps with troubleshooting to know if the problem has happened before, and what the computer was doing before it failed or broke.

Computer Maintenance & Virus & Malware Checks

A service that streamlines your computer & gets it back to its original running speed. Includes virus checks and removals, and security configurations.

Please note on older or slower computers this can take hours! Due to the software being run. 

Prices start at £45.00, location dependent.

Upgrades for gaming & media centers - contact us with details of your current setup for information on what you will require and the costs.

Server & Network Installations, Troubleshooting & Maintenance

If you require advice on, or servicing of network or server related problems, please contact us with details of what you need or are having troubles with.

Pen Testing & Security Consultations

Sometimes it helps to get an outside opinion on your network security, or maybe you need to comply with some regulations.

Security checks available from single machines to multiple networks.

We can work to your requirements, or provide our own standard service tailored to your network.

Engine Blueprinting & Rebuilds, Engine Tuning, Engine Performance Upgrades

Engine health checks & recommendations, full blueprinting and rebuild, rolling road tuning, crate builds and tuning, upgrades of internals.

Any tuning and upgrades require a health check first, and would require flushing of the fluids and changes of fluids and filters. Performance upgrades require check of effects on other systems - you may need other systems upgraded or altered in order to benefit from the extra performance.

Suspension and Steering Set Up

Changes to suspension and steering first require set up to manufacturers recommendations and general health check of those and related systems - for example to change spring rates and bump-rebound to higher rates means engine and transmission mountings must be adequate. 

Wheel or tyre size changes, ride height changes, these require the whole geometry of the steering & suspension to be recalculated - and may not be as good as original handling without more extensive alterations. 

Generally though if it can't be done right properly, we're not going to do it as it'd just ruin your car.

Other considerations - for example for some reason they like wheels to be covered 'legally' so you may need wheel arches or quarter panels altered to accommodate that.